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    As we all work on a day-to-day basis to enhance lives of people with disabilities in our communities, we may run into challenges or face questions about how to move forward. There are also "hot topics" in the disability community that come up as well... topics that we may have heard about but don't know enough about. 

    Share your hot topics and challenges in our discussion forum by responding to the discussion already started or by starting one of your own on this page. By sharing these, we can support each other and together find a path forward. 

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  • Update: Long-Term Care Redesign in Wisconsin

    July 28, 2016: The Department of Health Services has announced plans to expand Family Care and IRIS programs statewide by beginning of 2018. Read more

    June 9, 2016:  The Wisconsin Department of Health Services contacted the co-chairs of Joint Finance to withdraw its Concept Plan on Family Care/IRIS 2.0. Read more

    How does this affect you or the people you care about? Join the discussion!
    Be sure to also keep up with what's happening with Wisconsin Long-Term Care Redesign.
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    What Are Your Hot Topics or Challenges?

    Posted On: 10/04/16 08:24:58AM
    Posted In: Hot Topics and Challenges for Self-Determination
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    We know that there are a lot of you out there in the communities working together to understand, implement and create rewarding lives for elders and people with disabilities.  We want to hear from you! What's your hot topic for...

    Wanda Viellieux

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    Posted On: 06/30/16 12:14:13PM
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    Last Updated By: @Wanda Viellieux

    thanks for that info

    Stacy Ellingen

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    Posted On: 06/30/16 10:09:28AM
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    Last Updated By: @Stacy Ellingen

    Totally agree!  And, now, nobody will be approved until after  the 10th because the background check system is being updated..

    Wanda Viellieux

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    Posted On: 06/30/16 09:52:20AM
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    Last Updated By: @Wanda Viellieux

    I use workers for supportive home care but not personal care. Yes, we ran into the same thing that IRIS (ILIFE) is taking so long to process paperwork.