Thank You to the Sponsors of the Self-Determination Network!

The Self-Determination Network would not exist without its fabulous sponsors, who provide in-kind and financial support.  Please visit our sponsor's websites to learn more about them.

0_pages.jpeg?width=121In Control Wisconsin

Promoting Choice and Control for All!  The mission of In Control is to play a key role in advancing self-directed supports in Wisconsin. They provide a framework to bring together existing good practice, to introduce new ways of working, and to support everyone involved in meeting the challenges. In Control Wisconsin is the home for the Self-Determination Network

2_pages.png?width=200Employment Resources, Inc.

Employment Resources, Inc. (ERI) is a private, non-profit organization located in Madison, Wisconsin. Since 1990 our mission has been to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

3_pages.jpg?width=133 Innovative Services, Inc.

 Innovative Services, Inc. is committed to flexible, accessible and family-centered supports and services that honor the dignity respect the rights and maximize the potential of each individual. The company was founded on a desire to provide a safe and healthy environment for individuals needing flexible, accessible and self-directed supports while creating opportunities for maximum independence through every service offered. 


At LinkEd, we work with you to help navigate emerging trends in the new world of individualized community-based long-term care supports. With a focus on culture, people and processes, we help you develop and implement new strategies allowing you to meet service obligations and financial commitments in new ways. We help you realize your vision.

0nTN015q_400x400 1.jpgWork Incentives Benefits Specialists Association

Work Incentives Benefit Specialists (WIBS) assist people with disabilities by helping them wade through the complexities to make informed choices about the impact of work on their benefits. WIBS can provide a written and oral analysis of a person's services and benefits and how work will change their cash payments, medical coverage, and continued eligibility.

To learn about how your organization can become a Network Sponsor, contact Stacy Ellingen.


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