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Self-Determination Network News: April/May 2020

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96Self-Determination Network News:

April/May 2020

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Take five minutes to check out what's happening on the Self-Determination Network:

  • Watch:  For people with disabilities, COVID-19 is especially dangerous.  This short documentary talks about some of issues people with disabilities are facing.
  • Technology Grant Opportunities:  The Administration for Community Living has opened up two grant opportunities on technology to promote independence and community living and employment research.   These opportunities close May 26th. 
  • The Importance of Website Accessibility:  Website accessibility is a must these days.  Read about why website accessibility is so important especially during a pandemic.
  • Effects of the Virus:  The Coronavirus has shaken the world to its core. People with disabilities are facing the same issues as everyone else are, but they have additional concerns. Read about some of the challenges they are facing. 
  • Lifespan Respite Care Program Funding Opportunities: The Administration for Community Living has two grant opportunities for funding Lifespan Respite Care Programs. Learn about these opportunities. 
  • CARES Act:  In March,  the President signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act, into law.  Read what it entails for people with disabilities.
  • Can't Deny Care:  During this time of uncertainty and crisis, there have been reports of health care providers in some states discriminating against people with disabilities. The feds issues a statement saying it's illegal to do so. Find out what laws protect this.
  • Popular Documentary:  A new documentary on Netflix produced by the Obamas is a popular in the disability community. Find Learn what it's about.
  • Accessible Airline Seats:  Air travel for people with disabilities continues to cause a variety of issues. A company in Colorado has developed a prototype of a plane where individuals can take their own wheelchairs onto the plane.  Read about what needs to happen to get these seats on planes. 
  • Rail Vehicle Guidelines:  In February, the US Access Board proposed updates to the ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Transportation Vehicles that apply to rail cars. Public comment on these recommendations is open through July 14th.
  • Help and Be Helped:  As we continue coming together to support people with disabilities through the COVID 19 Crisis in Wisconsin, we must look for creative ways to meet the changing needs of this new normal. Check out this list of resources a workgroup put together. 
  • Annual Report:  The Administration for Community Living recently released Annual Report on Centers for Independent Living. Find out what it includes. 
  • Electronic Visit Verification Video:  The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has released an informational video about Electronic Visit Verification.  Learn how the system will work. 
  • Pandemic Brings Hope for an Employment Accommodation:  Working from home has become the new norm for many people during this pandemic. Read about how people with disabilities are hoping that this will show employers that this is a reasonable accommodation in many circumstances. 
  • Unique Worries:  For some people with disabilities, social distancing is literally not possible  Learn why some people with disabilities are at even at greater risk of contracting the virus. 
  • Guidance on Accessible Restrooms and Drinking Fountains:  The U.S. Access Board has released technical bulletins on accessibility to restrooms, bathing facilities, and drinking fountains.   Learn what the technical bulletins explain. 


The Self-Determination Network includes some very talented members and we want to help you to get to know each other a little better. Member Spotlight is a great way for us to get to know each other better.

In April, we shined the spotlight on Mary Clare. This life-long Wisconsinite has been an advocate for people with disabilities for many years. She has seen self-determination grow, and she's looking forward to watching it continue to expand.   Stop by April's Member Spotlight to get to know Mary Clare.

In May, we're shining the spotlight on Ashley. When she is not busy participating in Special Olympics or dancing with her friends, this vibrant young lady is out self-advocating!  Stop by this month's Member Spotlight to get to know Ashley.

Who should we shine the spotlight on next?

128 Stacy’s Journal

"Social distancing. Mitigation. Isolation. Safer—at—Home orders. Terms such as these didn’t have much meaning to most people until the beginning of March. Now, thanks to COVID 19, such vocabulary has become the new norm in today’s society. For most people with disabilities, a pandemic of this magnitude often brings on some unique challenges."  In April's entry, Stacy discusses the some of the challenges that she has encountered during this pandemic. What unique challenges have you faced during this time?

"I think this quarantine will bring out some positive aspects for people with disabilities."  In this month's entry, Stacy talks about finding silver lining during this pandemic. What silver linings have you found? We encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences as well.

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Check Out The Latest Videos! 

The Self-Determination Channel is a YouTube channel by and for people with developmental or intellectual disabilities. Unlike other channels, the Self-Determination Channel stands stand out from other channels on YouTube because self-advocates host the videos, and decide and create the content.

The theme of the channel is: Self-Determination is Empowerment. It’s a place where self-advocates can be seen and heard, connect with others, and mentor each other. The hope is that the channel can be used as a teaching tool and show examples of what is possible.

Videos are posted a couple times a month on a variety of topics self-advocates care about such as technology, employment, caregivers, independent living, and advocacy. 

Check out the newest videos on the channel:

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128 Upcoming Events

Here's a sample of upcoming events listed on the Self-Determination Network:

Post your event on the Self-Determination Network and it can be included in future Network News emails to members! Questions? Suggestions?  Contact Stacy Ellingen. 


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