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Self-Determination Network News: October 2018

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96 Self-Determination Network News:

October 2018

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Hurry!  Registration Closes Friday!

Register today for the 2018 Self-Determination Conference!  The annual conference works to empower people with disabilities in Wisconsin to have more control over their lives. More than 600 people each year participate in the conference to learn more about self-determination and Self-Directed Supports so they can live independently, be members of their communities, and use public funds efficiently. The conference participants include people with disabilities and their family members, direct care providers, and professionals from Wisconsin’s disability community.  Registration closes this Friday, October 12th.  Register today!


The Self-Determination Network includes some very talented members and we want to help you to get to know each other a little better. Member Spotlight is a great way for us to get to know each other better.

For October, we shine the spotlight on Jeff.  This classic rock loving man always tries to keep a positive attitude regardless of what life throws at him.  He enjoys being able to use self-direction to choose what he wants in life.  Stop by this month's Member Spotlight to get to know Jeff.

128 Stacy’s Journal

Volunteering or being active in the community often makes people feel good about themselves. For many people with disabilities, it often seems impossible to give back to the community. In this month's entry, Stacy shares how she's able to find ways to give back.  How do you give back?  We encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences as well.


Take five minutes to check out what's happening on the Self-Determination Network:

  • Travel App:  Travelling is often difficult for people with disabilities.  Read about how a Wisconsin man is developing an app to help make travel more accessible.
  • Access to Healthcare Grant Opportunity:  The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration has announced the availability of $6.3 million in competitive grant funds for transit coordination projects that improve access to healthcare.  Applications are due November 13th.
  • Annual Report:  The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities has released its 2017-2018 Annual Report.  It details their mission, membership, goals, accomplishments, and budget.  Take a look what they're up to.
  • Survey Shows Critical Transportation Needs:  A recent survey by the Survival Coalition reveals major transportation issues for older adults and people with disabilities in Wisconsin.  Find out what people are reporting.
  • Uncertainties for Medicaid and Public Health Programs:  Health departments and community clinics report that local funding has been inadequate for some time. Learn what is causing these concerns.
  • Scholarship Opportunity:  The American Association on Health and Disability is accepting applications for the Frederick J. Krause Scholarship for undergraduate (sophomore standing and above) and graduate students with disabilities who are majoring in a field related to disability and health.  Applications due November 15th.
  • Supporting Self-Sufficiency and Inclusion: Landmark laws and advancements in technology are often credited as helping people with disabilities succeed; however, there are many simple solutions to help people be independent and included.  Read about ways to help.
  • Home Health Care Crisis:   In one way or another, the home care crisis will soon affect everyone.  Listen to a podcast and find out what factors created this crisis.
  • Programs Report:  A recent report discusses well-known programs serving three categories of people with disabilities: physical disabilities, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and mental illness. Learn about what these programs offer.
  • Architectural Barriers Act:  The Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) stated that any buildings that were built or altered with federal dollars must be accessible.  Read about how this first disability law in the US paved the way for other laws which further expanded disability rights.
  • Updated Air Travel Handbook: The Airports Council International World (ACI) has put out a new edition of its Airports & Persons with Disabilities Handbook which includes new policies designed to help travelers with disabilities.  Find out about these new policies. 

128 Upcoming Events                                    

Here's a sample of upcoming events listed on the Self-Determination Network:

Post your event on the Self-Determination Network and it can be included in future Network News emails to members! Questions? Suggestions?  Contact Stacy Ellingen. 


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