What Are Your Hot Topics or Challenges?

SD Network
SD Network
7 years ago
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We know that there are a lot of you out there in the communities working together to understand, implement and create rewarding lives for elders and people with disabilities. 

We want to hear from you! What's your hot topic for self-determination these days?  Tell us what topics affect your everyday life.  What questions do you have about self-determination or disability related issues?

Wanda Viellieux
Wanda Viellieux
6 years ago
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The most challenging issue I have been dealing with as an adult with physical disabilities is in regards to the Medicaid program.  For two years in a row, I have been dealing with Medicaid's inability to neither approve nor deny my physical therapy services.  Previously they covered my orthotics and special diabetic shoes.  This year they denied coverage.  They never give a good explanation, it's always vague and say almost nothing.  I tried contacting the state of WI DHS and after a few months realized I was getting no where.  There is no advocate for Medicaid.  Why not???

Stacy Ellingen
Stacy Ellingen
6 years ago
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That's  a very good point.  i've dealt with the therapy issue too. Until i was 26, i had therapy on a regular basis all of my  life.  When i had to  straight Medicaid, it wasn't covered anymore. Crazy.  I'm afraid coverage is only going to get worse  unfortunately..... 

4 years ago
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Hot Topics and Challenges: Our most challenging issue is finding and maintaining good caregivers over time due to the national shortage. This conference gave us some new ideas and resources to look into and we hope that some of the task forces will take up the issue of the shortage, pay for caregivers as well as benefits.

It would be a great idea to actually have some elected officials at the conference to address what they are doing to help with this issue. With an audience the size of this conference, it would be well attended and people are very interested in this topic!


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