2023 Disability Advocacy Day

SD Network
SD Network
6 months ago
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It was great seeing so many of you at Disability Advocacy Day last week. If you weren’t able to attend In-person, we hope you were able to call your legislators.  We want to keep the conversation going.

  • What was your favorite part of the day?
  • What topics did you talk with your legislators about? How did it go?
  • Was there a particular strategy that you found worked well when talking with your legislators? Were you able to share your story? 
  • Do you plan to follow you with your legislators?
  • If you weren’t able to attend in-person, did you participate virtually? How did your calls to your legislators go?

Share your experience below.  By sharing our tips about tricks, we can help one another be stronger advocates! 

Stacy Ellingen
Stacy Ellingen
6 months ago
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It was my first time attending Disability Advocacy Day.  It was great connecting with so many people.  Unfortunately, my two legislators weren't there that day, so we met with staffers.  The topics i talked to them about were caregiving, transportation, voting, and ABLE accounts.  I shared my personal experience with each of the topics and told them what would greatly help.  I already emailed one of the staffers and I plan to follow up with the other one soon.

I'm excited to hear about what others experienced!   


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