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Self-Determination Network News: May 2019

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96 Self-Determination Network News:

May 2019

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Call for Exhibitors

The Wisconsin Self-Determination Conference empowers people with disabilities to have more control over their lives. Each year, people with disabilities, their families and people who support them participate in the conference to learn more about self-determination and self-directed supports so they can live more independently, actively participate in their communities, and use public funds efficiently.

The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities is currently accepting applications to be an Exhibitor/Micro-enterprise vendor at the Self-Determination Conference. Tables will be available on Tuesday October 15th and Wednesday October 16th. Space is limited and only applications from exhibitors that directly support self-determination and self-direction in WI will be accepted.  Apply to be an exhibitor today!


The Self-Determination Network includes some very talented members and we want to help you to get to know each other a little better. Member Spotlight is a great way for us to get to know each other better.

For May, we shine the spotlight on Marilee.  This advocate extraordinaire doesn’t let limitations get in the way of leading a very successful life.  In addition to owning her own graphic design business, she’s very involved in ADAPT. She encourages people to get involved in disability advocacy and to never give up. Stop by this month's Member Spotlight to get to know Marilee.

128 Stacy’s Journal

"Imagine relying on assistance of another person to accomplish every single task you need to survive on Earth. For people with disabilities (born with or acquired) or health conditions, relying on other people to assist you with all of your basic needs can often seem overwhelming."

In this month's entry, Stacy discusses how having to rely on others can be very challenging at times.  We encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences as well.


Take five minutes to check out what's happening on the Self-Determination Network:

  • Program Extension:  Legislation that the President recently signed ensures that a program that moves people with disabilities from institutions to the community can stick around while advocates push for a longer-term solution.  Lean about how the program is helping move people into the community.
  • Effort to Expand Respite Care:  Caring for loved ones with special needs is often very rewarding, but it can also take a physical, emotional and financial toll on families.  Read about a bipartisan bill that would boost respite care services across the country.
  • New TV Show:  A new television series chronicling the experiences of people with autism and other special needs as they search for meaningful employment is set to debut.   Find out more about the show.
  • Research Funding Opportunity on Family Support:  The purpose of this opportunity  is to conduct research, training, technical assistance, and related activities to contribute to effective support of family caregivers of people with disabilities, and ultimately to improved community living, health and function, and employment outcomes of people with disabilities who are supported by family members.  This opportunity closes on June 10th.
  • Neighborhood for Those with Special Needs:  In recent years, more and more housing options for people with disabilities have appeared.  Read about how, in Phoenix Arizona, a whole neighborhood is being developed for people with special needs.  
  • Advocacy Training Opportunities:  PIP and YiPPE are training programs for parents and youth with disabilities to learn about the transition process in the areas of employment, education, living and health.  Find out more about these great programs.
  • Worries about Medicaid Changes:  Advocates worry that Medicaid funding for people with disabilities could be jeopardized if some states succeed in overhauling how they receive federal dollars.  Learn why advocates are worried.
  • Governor Evers' First Signed Bill:  Recently, Governor Evers signed his first bill into law. Find out why this bill was so significant to the disability community.
  • Managed Care Providers Investigation:  With many states turning to private insurers to handle Medicaid services, an investigation is underway to investigate whether these insurers are offering people with disabilities the care they're entitled to.  Read about why it's being questioned.
  • National Family Support Program:  A research brief serves as an introduction to the National Family Caregiver Support Program and related programs administered by Administration for Community Living (ACL) that provide support to caregivers of older adults, as well as caregivers of persons with disabilities.  Learn about this new program.

128 Upcoming Events                                    

Here's a sample of upcoming events listed on the Self-Determination Network:

Post your event on the Self-Determination Network and it can be included in future Network News emails to members! Questions? Suggestions?  Contact Stacy Ellingen. 


The Self-Determination Network is powered by InControl Wisconsin and supported financially by our members and Sponsors. We couldn't keep this Network going with you!  Find out how you can help support the Network.


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