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Self-Determination Network News: September 2021

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96Self-Determination Network News:

September 2021

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Don't Forget to Register!

Don't forget to register for this year's Self-Determination Conference. It will be held virtually October 18-20.You'll be able to learn from self-advocates who are living their best and most creative lives and get the latest information about how to self-direct your supports: inspiring employment, health solutions, housing options, financial opportunities, and so much more! See the Conference Brochure for details. If you register by September 30, you'll receive a great conference kit. Registration is FREE! Register today!


The Self-Determination Network includes some very talented members and we want to help you to get to know each other a little better. Member Spotlight is a great way for us to get to know each other better.

This month, we're shining the spotlight on Jordan. This recent high school graduate has found his love for advocacy, and he encourages people to get involved in any type of advocacy. He explains it's a good way to connect with people.  Stop by this month's Member Spotlight to get to know Jordan. 

Who should we shine the spotlight on next?

128 Stacy’s Journal

"When I see people “take advantage” of specialized equipment or say something irrational, it does affect me. I have to remind myself that they probably don’t realize what they’re doing or saying may be offensive. While I don’t see these situations changing anytime soon, educating people is important. Please take advantage of the abilities you do have."

In this month's journal entry, Stacy shares how it irritates her when capable people take advantage of specialized equipment or say something irrational about somebody's disability. Do these things bother you?

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Check out the Latest Videos!

The Self-Determination Channel is a YouTube channel by and for people with developmental or intellectual disabilities. Unlike other channels, the Self-Determination Channel stands stand out from other channels on YouTube because self-advocates host the videos, and decide and create the content. Videos are posted a couple times a month on a variety of topics self-advocates care about such as technology, employment, caregivers, independent living, and advocacy.

Check out the newest videos on the channel:

We encourage you to subscribe to the Channel (you can do so by clicking the red Subscribe button on any of the video pages).


Take five minutes to check out what's happening on the Self-Determination Network:

  • Hopes for SSI Overhaul: For the first time in year, there could be big changes to Supplemental Security Income. Find out what this could mean for the program. 
  • Input Needed: The National Quality Forum (NQF) is seeking input on 14 quality measures for home- and community-based services (HCBS).  Comments can be submitted through September 17.
  • CMS Vaccination Guidelines: The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services released guidelines for vaccination education,  access and reporting for the residents and staff of nursing facilities and intermediate care facilities for people with intellectual and development disabilities. Read about what the guidelines are. 
  • Take Survey: Each year, the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (BPDD) does an annual survey for self-advocates and family members who have participated in a BPDD project. Help them out by taking the survey! 
  • New Resource: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a toolkit to help people with disabilities understand more about COVID. Check it out.
  • Watch: The Applied Self-Direction website recently released a great short video explaining what self-direction is.
  • Climate Resilience Efforts Pose Risks: People with disabilities often face more challenges with the effects of climate change. Read about how some advocates feel that people are new risks from mitigation efforts.  
  • Summer Internship Program: The Association of People with Disabilities is accepting applications for their Summer Internship Program. Applications are due October 20. Learn more and apply today! 
  • Workforce Shortage Still Widespread:  The home health care workforce has more than doubled in the past 10 years, but it'll need to do that and more to keep up with demand in the next decade. Learn what will be needed to keep up. 
  • Annual Direct Care Workforce Data: Check out the annual data on the Direct Care Workforce. 

128 Upcoming Events

Here's a sample of upcoming events listed on the Self-Determination Network:

Post your event on the Self-Determination Network and it can be included in future Network News emails to members! Questions? Suggestions?  Contact Stacy Ellingen. 


The Self-Determination Network is powered by InControl Wisconsin and supported financially by our members and Sponsors. We couldn't keep this Network going with you!  Find out how you can help support the Network.


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