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Jason Endres
@jason-endres • 9 months ago • comments: 0
Liked a News item created by @stacy-ellingen:
Stacy’s Journal:  Comparisons
Jason Endres
@jason-endres • 10 months ago • comments: 1
Posted a new Comment on Stacy’s Journal:  Bias, We All Have It:
"Stacy, you have said in this blog most of what I have been thinking for years.  I am a few years older than you, and was put in special ed all through K-12...."
Jason Endres
@jason-endres • 2 years ago • comments: 3
Posted a new Comment on IRIS 40-Hour Rule: How does this affect you?:
"This will not effect me as well.  I do have friends that they can only hire 2 or 3 people due to the low wages they can hire a person for. This will effect..."
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