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11/01/18 08:48:00PM
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2018 Self-Determination Conference

Open Discussion

Along with my wife Julie, we had our micro business at the conference for the third year.  I felt the energy in the room was not as positive as in past years.  I don’t know if it was the lack of people attending the conference, or the breakout sessions. 

I thought most of the breakout sessions looked good, but the one I went to was really disappointing.  The information given in the book was not what I thought I was going to.  It was all on building your circle of support, which is important,  I thought I was going to learn about supportive decision making.

The theam was cool, but I don’t think everyone could get in the the whole team.

I felt the conference was just like any other SD conference with nothing new.  I think the keynote speakers didn’t capture the groups attention unlike other past years.

I am hoping for a more energy filled conference next year.