May 2018 Featured Discussion Question: How has self-direction impacted your life?

SD Network
SD Network
4 weeks ago
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People of all ages are finding success, but also struggles as they use self-directed supports at home, school or their work.  How has self-direction impacted your life?  What words of advice do you have for others just beginning to use self-direction?

Share your thoughts.  We can learn from one another by sharing our resources and experiences on here.

Stacy Ellingen
Stacy Ellingen
4 weeks ago
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For me, self-direction was never really  a second thought.  From early on, my parents always gave me choices.  Everything from choosing what I was going to wear everyday to choosing to take a big leap and go to UW-Whitewater, I have always self-directed my life.  After college, when I learned about the care/support options that were available, there wasn't really much consideration about what was best for me.  I wanted to have control over as much of my life as possible.  It's so important to me to have choice of service providers and how  funds are spent.  Obviously, now that i'm organizing all of my cares myself, self-direction has been taken to a whole new level.  I can truly say I feel I'm independent as I possibly can be!

For those just starting to use self-direction, I would say don't be afraid to ask questions.  Self-directing doesn't necessarily mean you have to handle everything by yourself.  Take advantage of the resources available.  I believe everyone can self-direct!

I am anxious  to  see what others say..

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