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This is an interesting concept--having websites and apps where people can rate places based on accessibility. It's a fairly new concept, so there aren't many ratings or reviews yet. What do you think of the idea? What are the pros and cons?

Information courtesy of Huffington Post and helps people with disabilities find accessible spots

For people with disabilities, finding accessible restaurants and stores can be frustrating. Despite review sites like Yelp, there is no way to know if a business is accessible until you go and check it out yourself. A new website,, aims to change that.

AXSmap is an app and website that allows people with disabilities to rate and review the accessibility of local restaurants, hotels, and other businesses, and find accessible spots reviewed by others.

Once you sign up for an account, you can search for a location and review the accessibility of the entryway and bathroom. You can also mark if the location is quiet, spacious, and well-lit, and if there is accessible parking. There is even a space for extra comments and photos.

There are not many reviews of Indiana locations so far. However, if you think the website is useful, the best way to change that is to add one yourself, and ask a friend to do the same.

Check out AXSmap at

Watch a video on how to use the site at For questions and more information, contact AXSmap at

Other websites offering accessible business reviews include

Information obtained from the Great Lakes ADA Center listserv

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Stacy Ellingen
Stacy Ellingen
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I personally LOVE this concept. I'm going to join and start using this. There are so many places that claim they're accessible, but aren't. If this takes off, it could be very useful!


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