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During a Hot Topics session at the Self-Determination Conference, InControl Wisconsin board members Lynn Breedlove, Patti Becker, and Kate Norby facilitated a great discussion about self-determination and self-direction.  People were asked to write down questions about self-direction.  We've compiled them and we encourage people to share their thoughts.  We can all learn by sharing our thoughts and ideas with each other.

  1. How can I become a leader and not only be a follower?
  2. How can we support IRIS participants and families to create their own IRIS plans and not be overly influenced by ICs or anyone else?
  3. How can we ensure that self-determination is defined as something that allows participants to include family and friends in their decision-making?
  4. Can we reduce the “strings” (i.e. the hassle) that get attached to self-determination?
  5. How can I find reliable transportation?
  6. Does anyone have any ideas for how to find good caregivers?
  7. How can we reduce the barriers to employment?
  8. Does anyone have any good ideas for finding community jobs in rural areas?
  9. Is the state trying to make IRIS more like Family Care (FC), i.e. by imposing FC provider rates on IRIS? If so, how can we push back against this?


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