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Webinar: The Role of Culture in Person-Centered Thinking, Planning, and Practice

Webinar:  The Role of Culture in Person-Centered Thinking, Planning, and Practice

Tuesday July 9 2019, 2:00 PM - Tuesday July 9 2019, 3:30 PM
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The movements to advance person-centered thinking and cultural competence have evolved along parallel tracks. Every person is a cultural being and has multiple cultural identities. Yet person-centered thinking, planning, and practice have been slow to assemble the “pieces of the puzzle” that link the integral role of culture in the design, delivery, and evaluation of services and supports for this nation’s diverse populations. This webinar will take an in-depth look at culture, its multiple dimensions, and the essential role it plays among states, territories, and tribal nations seeking to align their values and policies with person-centered thinking, planning, and practice in health and human services. It will also feature the role of culture in services and supports that are preferred and needed from the perspective of those with lived experience. 

Participants will learn to:

  • Define and differentiate culture and cultural diversity;
  • Compare the concepts of multiple cultural identities and intersectionality and reflect on their implications for the populations served in their state;
  • Review current and emergent demographic trends in the United States; 
  • Examine the Convergence of Cultural Contexts Framework and its relevance for systems of services and supports within states, territories, and tribal nations;
  • List at least five roles that culture plays in person-centered thinking, planning, and practice; and
  • Listen to and reflect on the importance of addressing culture based on the lived experience of individuals receiving services and supports.

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This webinar is the first in a four-part series that explores cultural and linguistic competence as it relates to person-centered thinking, planning, and practice. The series is presented by the Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence and the National Center on Advancing Person-Centered Thinking, Planning, and Practice (NCAPPS).

NCAPPS is a new initiative from the Administration for Community Living and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to help states, tribes, and territories to implement person-centered practices. NCAPPS webinars are open to the public, and are geared toward human services administrators, providers, and people who use long-term services and supports. All NCAPPS webinars will be recorded and archived on the NCAPPS website.  


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