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Webinar: ABLE: Myths vs. Facts

Webinar:  ABLE: Myths vs. Facts

Thursday June 20 2019, 1:00 PM - Thursday June 20 2019, 2:15 PM
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Millions of individuals with disabilities live in poverty and depend on a variety of means-tested public benefits for income, healthcare, food and housing assistance. Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) accounts, which stem from the passing of the ABLE Act in December 2014, largely do not affect most federally-funded, means-tested benefits.

Some individuals with disabilities and their families may be reluctant to open an ABLE account for fear of losing public benefits, and there are many myths surrounding this and other ABLE account topics. The purpose of this webinar is to dispel these myths!

This webinar will address:

  • Myths vs. facts surrounding ABLE account eligibility, enrollment and contributions
  • Myths vs. facts on how an ABLE account affects public benefits
  • Facts on how tools, such as Special Needs Trusts and 529 rollovers, may be used

This webinar will be moderated by Miranda Kennedy, Director, ABLE National Resource Center (ABLE NRC).
Panelists include:

  • Laurie Schaller, Manager of Financial Empowerment, National Disability Institute
  • Marlene Ulisky, Disability Benefits Expert, ABLE NRC
  • ABLE Ambassadors and parents of ABLE Ambassadors

In order to prepare for this webinar, we recommend that you review the following:


Please note: Real-time captioning will be provided for this webinar. For other accommodation requests, questions about the webinar, or the registration process, please contact us at


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