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Member Spotlight: Ginger Beuk

user image 2019-03-07
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gb.jpgMeet Ginger Beuk.  Beginning at a very early age, this self-advocate learned the value of self-determination and advocacy.  When she’s not busy attending meetings for People First where she fiercely advocates for people with disabilities, she loves watching Wisconsin sports.  We are so fortunate to have her as a member of the Self-Determination Network! 

What's your story?  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ginger was born with cerebral palsy. Her parents started advocating for her at a young age. She explains that as she grew up, she learned why it was important to advocate for things that would make her life easier and better. She is a very independent woman who lives in her own apartment with staff that comes in a couple days a week to help her with things that are hard for her to do.

How are you involved with self-determination? Why did you join the SD Network?

Ginger joined the Self-Determination Network so she could use it as a resource for her local People First group.  She also as a tool in her own life.

Tell us some good news - what's the most exciting thing happening for you (or in Wisconsin) in terms self-determination?

Ginger explains that there are a couple things in Wisconsin that are great news to anyone with a physical challenge or intellectual challenge. The first thing is that last year Governor Walker signed a bill to make Supported Decision Making as an option to Guardianship. The second is that Governor Evers has signed Executive order #11 to create a task force to help caregivers in Wisconsin.

What tip or resource would you like to share with people who want to be more self-determined?

As Vice President of People First Wisconsin, Ginger knows everyone has the chance to start living a self-determined life. “Even if it is as simple as picking out the clothes that they want to wear that day,” she explains.

What are some of your hobbies?

Ginger is an avid sports fan.  She loves watching Wisconsin sports teams—especially the Milwaukee Brewers, Green Bay Packers and the University of Wisconsin football. She also enjoys doing a lot of jigsaw puzzles and loves coloring in adult coloring books.

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