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TMJ4.COM: More than 30 years after ADA, cities fail to be accessible

user image 2022-06-22
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The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law almost 32 years ago, but, yet, there are several public places that still aren't accessible--especially streets and sidewalks. A study found that pedestrian wheelchair users are 30% more likely to be killed in crashes than non-wheelchair users. Their research found that 65% of curb ramps and 48% of sidewalks across the country are not accessible. The team looked at over 400 government entities, and only 13% had ADA plans readily available; only seven of them met the minimum criteria. Advocates want the new infrastructure bill, which includes $11 billion for transportation safety programs, should be spent on curb ramps, sidewalks and roads designed to slow traffic to make crossing streets safer. 

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