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WISCONSIN PUBLIC RADIO: Coronavirus Exposes Caregiver Shortage, Upending Lives Of Wisconsin's Disabled Residents

user image 2020-05-21
By: SD Network
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We're all tired of hearing about the Coronavirus. Everyone has been affected in some way or another. For people with disabilities who are reliant on other people to assist them with all of their basic needs, the virus has brought some additional challenges. Home caregivers come into people's homes to assist them with these daily living tasks. There has been a caregiver shortage for many years. The virus has brought additional challenges to the crisis. People have been forced to go without care and have to move out of their homes because of the lack of help.  Concerns about the lack of personal protective equipment adds to the challenge of finding working. This very well written article discusses how the virus has impacted life of four people with disabilities. 

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